A Worthwhile Drive for Compassionate Care

On a Monday afternoon, I came home and found my dog Boomer laying on his side, moaning and crying. He didn’t eat or go to the bathroom all day, so I called my nearest emergency vet and they told me to watch him. We went to another vet in the morning and tried getting some tests done since he wasn’t improving, but we didn’t get proper answers. So I called BluePearl.

The staff and doctors at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Waltham worked with me to help find out what was going on with Boomer. He had more tests done and they gave him medicine that helped with the pain. After a couple of days, my dog was getting proper treatment and was getting better.

Boomer’s diagnosis was pancreatitis, and if we hadn’t gone to BluePearl, my dog wouldn’t be alive today. They are the most compassionate people, and they work with you and make sure you know everything going on. My dog made some new friends with the dog whisperer!

Boomer sitting in the car.

All in all, I highly recommend BluePearl, and they are definitely worth the drive I took to get my Boomer healthy again.