Aurora’s Surgery

Our dog Aurora had a case of bladder stones and was due for surgery at our regular vet’s office. The morning of surgery, our vet called us saying that Aurora did not look well, and he did some bloodwork that showed the beginnings of kidney failure. She’d tried to pass a stone and it got stuck, blocking a tube and causing urine to back up in her system. He was very concerned and told us to go to BluePearl with Aurora immediately and hope for the best.

Compassion in an Emergency

We arrived at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Louisville about 30 minutes later and called to let them know that we were there. They said that our vet had called and let them know we were coming. In a few minutes, Dr. Winthrop came out to our vehicle to take Aurora inside. I was impressed the minute that I met her. She was so compassionate toward both Aurora and my wife and I. She told us she would do everything she could to make sure Aurora would be able to come home with us later.

A small black and white dog is looking away from the camera while laying on a blanket

Forever Thankful

That afternoon, I received a call from Dr. Winthrop saying she had pushed the fluids. Now that Aurora’s kidney functions were nearly back to normal, she was going to do surgery in two hours to remove the stones.

Later that evening, she called us back saying that the surgery went well – she had cleaned out all the stones and Aurora was resting. We picked her up the next morning and she has continued to gain strength and become more herself every day since.

I believe that Dr. Winthrop and the staff at Blue Pearl saved our baby’s life that day. I will forever be thankful for them and they have won a fan for life.