Elvis’ Holiday Emergency

We rushed to BluePearl Pet Hospital in Paramus on December 23rd after our 14-year-old rescue dog Elvis fell. He was in pain and clearly needed immediate attention. We had him since he was eight weeks old and were so worried about him. We feared it might be the end. We had no idea what we were facing financially for the cost of the visit or treatment, but quite honestly, it didn’t matter.

The team at BluePearl was swift, kind, patient, thorough and understanding. Bumping right into the holidays, they were well staffed. Dr. Niaz was clear and sympathetic as we processed his careful information about Elvis’ state. Our young daughters were with us, and he gave them special attention too so they could understand what was going on.

Though our choices were few and obvious, the team at BluePearl made what was a tragedy for our family as pleasant as possible. We picked up Elvis’ remains with a special added small gift. Compared to our past experience and what we’ve heard about other pet ERs in the area, BluePearl was very fairly priced.

This practice is highly recommended for those who sadly find themselves in the situation we did. You and your pet will be in wonderful care. Thank you!