Getting expert care for Binx.

I cannot thank the emergency team and surgical team enough! My cat Binx had his life saved by this team. My vet referred us to BluePearl’s PVSEC in North Hills, PA. We weren’t sure if he would make it from the vet to the emergency ward as he was bleeding into his catheter bag.

When we arrived, they took him in right away for evaluation. Within 25 minutes, the emergency vet called us with news. She had previously treated a similar case where a cat was having issues urinating, so she was sure Binx’s problem was a blood clot. This was confirmed the next day, so Binx had a blood transfusion and surgery to correct his issue. The PVSEC team kept us informed every day with his status and needs.

Binx’s return to health.

My cat is home after seven days in the hospital, and I’m very happy to report that each day he is making massive strides in becoming a fully healthy cat again. Without this magnificent team, I would not have my beloved cat, Binx. You guys saved his life! I am so happy and thankful to still have him in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A black cat with yellow eyes wearing a cone lays on a wood floor