A Diagnosis That Left No Other Choice

A grey standard poodle lies on the floor.In August 2020 my service dog Paris Nights, a 12 year old standard poodle, was diagnosed with cancer on her spline and in her kidneys. We made the decision not to operate and wanted her to live the remainder of her life as comfortable surrounded by love. Unfortunately, her last day came December 26, 2020 when we determined that she could no longer go on without suffering. Being a holiday weekend, we took her to BluePearl Pet Hospital in Mesquite, TX.

Taking Time And Showing Tenderness

After calling to do the intake over the phone and explaining our situation, we were mildly surprised to have not only a tech come to the van with a gurney, but also Dr. Antreas Hindoyan come out as well. My wife and I were both an emotional wreck, but Dr. Hindoyan took the time to explain what he was about to do and where to go from there.

He went to the back of my van and tenderly removed Paris and placed her on the gurney for transport inside. Then he did a quick examination and brought her to the side of the van. Dr. Hindoyan explained that it looked like Paris was in her final hour and said that we could accompany her inside if we wished. Because of our emotional state and my being wheelchair bound, we opted not to go in. The doctor asked us if we wanted to have her euthanized because of her condition. We said yes, to avoid her having to be in pain.

Twelve Years Of Unconditional Love

Dr. Hindoyan called us about 5 minutes later and let us know that the mass had grown and it appeared that it had ruptured and she was bleeding internally. He again offered us a chance to come in and say our goodbyes before he administered the medication for euthanasia, but we just couldn’t. He then assured us that he would be by her side comforting her as she passed. He promised us that they would take good care of her and place her with her blanket into the bag to be cremated. I am in tears as I write this. She was a great service dog who gave me unconditional love and support for 12 wonderful years.

I want to thank Dr. Hindoyan for the compassion and professionalism that he showed my wife and I during this hard time. You don’t find too many people today who will take the time or effort to do what Dr. Hindoyan did. I also want to take a second to thank everyone at the BluePearl hospital in Mesquite for all they did for us and for making sure that our Paris was well take care of in her passing. Thank you all!!