Our “first born” love.

Tana, our 11-year-old golden retriever, was my “first born” love. She was the forever heartbeat by my side, my very best friend, my husband’s sidekick and bestie, my shadow and my love. We took her backpacking and hiking. We took everywhere, and I thought we had at least a couple more years with her.

Then one day, she collapsed in our living room. I rushed her to BluePearl in Renton where she was diagnosed with a pericardial effusion due to a bleeding tumor in her heart. I was told she had 2-9 days before this recurred, at which time it would most likely be fatal.

Helping us navigate the odds.

Talk about heartbreaking news – it was beyond devastating, but the hospital team at BluePearl was incredible. They saw Tana immediately, treated her compassionately, and helped a scared old golden (and her mama!) through a life threatening emergency. The vet was straightforward and honest, but so kind – he walked us through the odds and what-if’s, and helped us make incredibly tough decisions during a terrifying and heartbreaking experience.

Our last few days with Tana.

Because of their expertise, willingness, and care, we were able to take my baby home for a few last days to love every last piece of her. I will forever be grateful to this amazing staff for being compassionate and present in the time of Covid, and for giving me a few last precious moments with my very best gal. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.