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Blood Bank

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Giving blood is one of the most important things people can do to help save a life, but did you know blood donors are needed in the animal world, too?

When pets undergo surgery or are diagnosed with certain auto-immune diseases, they may require blood transfusions, just as humans do. The BluePearl-affiliated blood banks are dedicated to providing a safe and plentiful blood supply to animals in need. 

We currently operate blood banks in the following locations:

  • Tampa
  • Houston
  • Seattle 
  • Richmond

We wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission without the invaluable contributions of our dog and cat donors. But as the pet population continues to grow, so does the number of pets who require blood transfusions. The need is great. Your pet’s donation can ultimately provide the gift of life. 

Blood donor benefits
  • FREE exam by a veterinary clinician 
  • FREE complete blood test which includes thyroid, heartworm and infectious disease testing 
  • One FREE blood product if needed after completion of six donations 
  • Plenty of love and kisses during every donation
Eligibility requirements

Dog and cat donors must meet the following criteria to donate blood

  • Healthy and well behaved
  • Current on vaccines
  • One to seven years of age
  • Dogs at least 55 pounds
  • Cats at least 10 pounds
  • Never had a transfusion
  • Not used for breeding
  • Not taking any long-term medication (except for flea/heartworm preventative)
  • Cats indoor only, other family cats must also be indoors

Please click here for more information and to see donor photos on our Facebook page!