Emergency visits.

You don't need an appointment if you're coming to BluePearl because of an emergency. We do recommend you call ahead, if possible, so we can be better prepared for your arrival.
Medical records and current medication. Your doctor will share records with us, but if you have anything else that might be helpful, please bring it with you.

Visiting a specialist.

Similar to people, pets may also require specialty medical care. For complex conditions, serious illnesses or life-threatening injuries, the best care for your pet may include specialized treatment from a veterinarian who is board certified in a specific area of medicine or surgery. Family veterinarians may recommend a visit to BluePearl if your pet is in need of additional medical tests, procedures or treatments that their hospital does not offer.
Once your pet is in our care, the BluePearl medical team will continue to communicate regularly with your veterinarian to ensure they are kept informed of your pet’s progress.

Our specialists work by referral. If you reach out to make an appointment with one of our specialists directly, we will contact your family veterinarian to ensure we are working together to develop the best treatment plan for your pet.

Our medical team will review the information provided by you and your family veterinarian and conduct an initial assessment of your pet’s health. We will work with you to come up with a treatment plan – including cost estimates – before proceeding with any additional tests or procedures.
Typically, we will have already been in contact with your family veterinarian, who will send us your pet’s medical records and X-rays. If you have additional medical information that will help us treat your pet, please bring it with you. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment to fill out any initial paperwork.

General questions.

The cost of care varies. Upon arrival, you can expect a veterinarian to conduct an initial examination of your pet, for which there is a fee. The veterinarian will then review with you the various treatment options available and estimated costs associated with each, as well as answer any questions you may have. With this information, you and your family can make an informed choice about what’s best for your pet.
BluePearl does not offer preventative pet care. As an emergency and specialty pet hospital, we work directly with your family veterinarian as an extended member of your pet’s overall medical team.
Start by contacting your local BluePearl hospital. You can get contact information by clicking Find a Hospital at the top of the page to locate the hospital closest to you. If you need further assistance, call Client Relations at (813) 327-6202.