About BluePearl Science.

Founded by our dedicated clinicians, BluePearl Science coordinates clinical studies to increase medical knowledge, advance veterinary practice and develop new diagnostic and treatment approaches that offer novel and potentially lifesaving options for pets.

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Our goals.

Creating a better future for pets.

Innovative diagnostic and treatment solutions and pharmaceuticals can save pets' lives.

Assessing the effectiveness of drugs, diagnostics and procedures through clinical studies can help protect and promote the lives of pets today and tomorrow.

BluePearl associates giving an dog an ultrasound to diagnose the pet's condition.

Sharing knowledge and expertise with the community.

We believe veterinarians can make the greatest impact when we work together.

Performing clinical studies to gain knowledge about new medical treatment options is part of our service to the national veterinary community. Data from these studies are published in peer-reviewed literature, allowing everyone to benefit from the findings.

Coordinating with primary care veterinarians.

Our emergency and specialty clinicians share a common goal with primary care veterinarians: To provide exceptional care for your pet.

When your pet is involved in a clinical study at BluePearl, we will always keep your family veterinarian informed when it comes to diagnostic and treatment plans.

Collaborating with pet families.

Pets benefit from novel diagnostic or therapeutic options as part of BluePearl's clinical studies program and pet families are involved in every care decision along the way.

In all cases, both traditional and investigational treatments will be discussed so pet families can make informed care decisions for their specific circumstances.

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Frequently asked questions.

Clinical studies are an important way of increasing medical knowledge, advancing veterinary practice and improving animal health.

Clinical studies at our hospitals can be sponsored by veterinarians or granting agencies seeking new ways to diagnose and treat disease in veterinary patients, by other groups within the Mars Petcare Ecosystem, and by pharmaceutical and technology companies developing new approaches to improve pet care.

By voluntarily participating in a clinical study, your pet may get access to new approaches to diagnosis and treatment of their condition not available outside the clinical studies setting. Participating in clinical studies also helps provide information that can benefit future pets with similar conditions.

The best interests of the pet, the desires of the pet’s owner, and the mutually agreed upon course of treatment between the owner and veterinarian set the standard of care for both routine veterinary treatment and clinical studies at BluePearl Hospitals.

No pet is ever enrolled in a clinical study at BluePearl without the owner’s fully informed and written consent.

For some clinical studies, healthy animals might be able to participate, particularly when there is a need to compare information about healthy pets to pets with a particular disease.

When healthy pets are involved, study activities are non-invasive and might include things like bloodwork or observational assessments (those that just involve looking at the pet).

The Mars Petcare Biobank is an important example of how healthy pets can make a substantial difference in veterinary healthcare studies.

If you believe that your pet may benefit from enrollment in a clinical study, please contact your family veterinarian.

Below is a complete list of studies currently happening at BluePearl hospitals. There, you'll find more information about qualifications.

For questions about specific studies, you can also reach out to the study contact listed to discuss your pet’s eligibility.

Enrollment in a clinical study is always up to the pet owner and our informed consent process for clinical studies ensures that owners are fully aware of the study's objectives, any potential risks and study requirements before they agree to allow their pets to participate. Owners always sign a written consent form before their pet is enrolled in a study.

As part of the Mars Veterinary Health family of brands, BluePearl Science strictly adheres to the Mars Policy on Clinical Studies. Clinical studies at BluePearl undergo a rigorous review process to ensure the highest medical and ethical care standards for all pets and their owners. This process is conducted by our Veterinary Clinical Studies Committee (VCSC), comprised of individuals with specific expertise in clinical medicine and surgery, clinical and basic research, animal welfare and regulatory issues, the human-animal bond and social work, and members of the community not affiliated with BluePearl or Mars. 

BluePearl Science leverages one of the world’s largest private providers of specialty and emergency veterinary care to advance new and exciting diagnostics and treatments for our veterinary patients. We coordinate clinical studies across a national network of 100+ hospitals. BluePearl Science carries out collaborative research only with institutions that comply with our animal welfare and ethical standards, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your upcoming project.

Contact us at [email protected].

Current canine clinical studies:

Canine Brain Tumor Treatment
Locations: Pittsburgh, PA
Purpose: A novel surgical and targeted therapeutic approach to treat canine brain tumors.

New Treatment for Nausea and Vomiting with Chemotherapy in Dogs
Locations: Malvern, PA
Purpose: The study will evaluate the efficacy of a transdermal medication (applied to the skin) to prevent nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy.

Treatment for Canine Hemangiosarcoma (HSA) of the Spleen
Locations: Kirkland, WA; Tacoma, WA
Purpose: To evaluate the efficacy of a chemotherapy protocol for the treatment of canine hemangiosarcoma of the spleen.

Canine Atopic Dermatitis
Locations: Malvern, PA; Midvale, UT; Reno, NV; Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Purpose: This study will evaluate the efficacy of a new treatment for canine atopic dermatitis.

Evaluating a Novel Immunotherapy Treatment for Malignant Oral Melanoma in Dogs
Locations: Malvern, PA; Overland Park, KS; Pittsburgh, PA
Purpose: This is a fully-funded study for dogs with oral melanoma.

Mars Petcare Biobank
Locations: Clearwater, FL; Brandon, FL; Tampa, FL
Purpose: By studying a pet’s health throughout its life, scientists will seek to identify potential signs of disease as well as new ways to help prevent or even predict illness.

TRIAD Study – The Dog Aging Project
Locations: Midtown, NY; Overland Park, KS; North Dallas, TX; Sandy Springs, GA
Purpose: To determine whether rapamycin increases the lifespan of companion dogs.

Effectiveness and Safety of a New Medication for the Treatment of Lymphoma in Dogs
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Purpose: To confirm the efficacy and safety of verdinexor for the treatment of lymphoma in dogs.

Current feline clinical studies:

Mars Petcare Biobank
Location: Clearwater, FL, Brandon, FL and Tampa, FL
Purpose: By studying a pet’s health throughout its life, scientists will seek to identify potential signs of disease as well as new ways to help prevent or even predict illness.

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