BluePearl sees a major increase in pets treated for chocolate toxicity in the week following Halloween.  

Halloween is one of the country’s favorite holidays, but it is typically one of the most dangerous holidays for pets. In fact, each year, BluePearl Pet Hospital, which has more than 100 practices nationwide, sees an approximate 250 percent increase in pets treated for chocolate toxicity in the week following Halloween.  

Halloween, like all holidays, is a change in household routine that gives our curious or anxious pets opportunities to find trouble,” explained Kevin Kelley, DVM, emergency service head at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Clearwater, Fla.  “Whether with dietary indiscretion, flare up of anxiety related problems, or access to new decorations, plan for your pet’s safety by keeping them safely away from anything harmful and checking on them regularly to make sure they are not having problems with the changes.”

In addition to BluePearl veterinarians seeing pets for toxic food ingestion, like chocolate, they also treat pets for injuries associated with decorations or becoming lost. 

To help pet owners prepare and to ensure pets are kept safe, BluePearl is highlighting the most common Halloween dangers for pets.  

By being aware of potential risks and keeping a close eye on your pet’s behavior, Halloween can be enjoyed by the entire family. For questions regarding how to prepare your pet for the holidays, contact your veterinarian to make a plan. 

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