How to Keep Pets Safe on Independence Day

July 4 is a day for fireworks, for celebrating freedom and – more than any other day – for taking pets to the emergency room. In fact, the number of ER patients visiting BluePearl specialty and emergency hospitals on July 4 is 40 percent higher than an average day. That’s according to data compiled from BluePearl hospitals in six states and the District of Columbia during 2017-2018.*

To us, fireworks signal independence, but to pets, these sounds bring fear and disorientation—leading them to do almost anything to get away, even jumping through glass windows, running into traffic, or scaling tall fences. As you can imagine, this often leads to life threatening injuries for the pet.

Dr. Sonja Olson, a senior clinician in emergency medicine at BluePearl, said that other than fireworks, there are a number of reasons for the uptick in visits, including sweltering heat, eating the wrong things, and travel mishaps. “Everything that happens in the summer, we see on the Fourth of July — and then you add fireworks into the mix,” Olson said.

Most BluePearl specialty and emergency pet hospitals, which are located in 24 states, will stay open all day and night on July 4.

Here are some tips to keep pets safe on the busiest day of the year for animal emergencies:

Remember, what’s fun for you may not be so safe for your pet, so consider leaving pets at home during parades, music venues, and other events where heat, crowds, and hot asphalt can lead to trouble. 

* The numbers were compiled from BluePearl hospitals in Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Washington D.C. during 2017-2018.