This new program prepares clinicians in urgent care medicine, offering hands-on training in fast-paced environment, access to diverse cases, and partnership with industry-leading ER and specialty teams. 

BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital today announced the launch of a new clinician development program, Urgent Track. BluePearl’s Urgent Track Program is uniquely designed for veterinarians looking to leverage and grow their clinical skill set with the option to career path into emergency medicine. 

Urgent Track offers two career paths for veterinarians: urgent care and emergency medicine. All BluePearl urgent care clinicians receive robust onboarding with virtual modules that cover subjects ranging from treatment of dermatologic urgencies to orthopedic exams to toxicities. Upon program completion, clinicians will be able to treat non-life-threatening conditions such as gastrointestinal upset, skin lesions, limping, ear disease, and provide end-of-life care for patients.  

If you are a veterinarian with at least one year of experience, are looking to change up your case mix, and are interested in higher acuity cases but need a clear path for gaining experience, then this program is for you,” remarked Lenore Bacek, DVM, MS, DACVECC, Clinical Programs Manager at BluePearl. “The program covers subjects from triage and wound management to treating dermatologic urgencies and more. Through the program, clinicians will gain the skills and training needed to walk into their first urgent care shift with confidence.” 

After completing the Urgent Track Program, clinicians are also offered the opportunity, if they desire, to expand their knowledge and skills even further and become an ER clinician, all without the need to complete an internship. The one-year emergency path program consists of virtual medical modules that cover a range of emergency topics and in-person wet-lab sessions to practice common procedures. Clinicians enrolled in the program will also receive hands-on experience working ER shifts under the mentorship of a senior emergency clinician.  

Many pets need prompt medical attention but not all these cases warrant a visit to the ER. These pets also often require care after hours when most primary veterinarians are closed. BluePearl’s Urgent Track Program addresses this growing need, allowing veterinarians to grow their skills to provide urgent care for pets in communities they serve,” explained James Barr, Chief Medical Officer at BluePearl. “As leaders in post-graduate learning and training, we strongly believe in nurturing talent and promoting the health and well-being of our doctors. We remain committed to providing clinicians with the tools and support they need to succeed and look forward to seeing the program’s impact within our hospitals and the broader profession.” 

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