ER patient visits on July 4 are 48% higher than an average day, according to new BluePearl data.

Every Fourth of July weekend people across the United States take part in outdoor festivities with family and friends. Whether this means grilling, watching a firework show, or swimming, it is important to keep pet safety in mind, as this weekend, above all others, is one of the busiest times of the year for emergency pet hospitals. In fact, the number of patients visiting BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospitals for emergency care on July 4 is 48% higher than an average day. That is according to data compiled from BluePearl hospitals across the U.S. from 2016-2020.

To help ensure pets stay safe and panic-free this holiday weekend, BluePearl Pet Hospital is offering some important tips for pet owners.

What may be fun for you may not be fun for your pet. If you are planning to attend a public gathering such as a parade, music venue or other event where heat, crowds and hot asphalt can lead to injury or worse, consider leaving your pet at home. By preparing and remaining vigilant, you can make sure your pet remains safe while still being able to celebrate and enjoy the festivities that the July Fourth weekend brings.

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