Halloween: A Spooky Time for People and Pets

While we prepare our Halloween costumes and stock up on sweet treatsveterinarians at BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital are warning pet owners of the potential dangers this holiday brings to pets. From candy and candles to costumes and decorations, all pose significant hazards for our furry companions this time of the year. In fact, data collected from more than 90 BluePearl Pet Hospitals showed a 250 percent increase in pets treated for chocolate toxicity in the week following Halloween 

Allison BiddickDVM, MS, DACVECC, emergency and critical care specialist at BluePearl in Oklahoma City, affirmed this findingsaying the biggest risk for pets around Halloween is chocolate ingestionHowever, candy of any kind could also be cause for concern.

The most common toxicity we see this time of the year is chocolate ingestion. Dogs just can’t resist the smell of all that chocolate around the house,” remarked Dr. Biddick. “Dark chocolate and baker’s chocolate pose the highest risks, but even milk chocolate can be toxic for pets. It’s best to keep all candy far away from pets’ reach, and to keep a close eye on them on Halloween day and the days followingyou just don’t know if or when they’ll find a hidden stash of candy.” 

Dr. Biddick shared these six expert tips to help keep pets safe this Halloween. 

Six tips to keep pets safe 

Pets depend on their owners to keep them safe and comfortable. By being aware of potential risks and keeping a close eye on your pet’s behavior, Halloween can be enjoyed by the entire family. If you have any questions regarding preparing your pet for the holidays, contact your veterinarian in advance to make a plan .