Blessed and Grateful

When I say God is Good and I am overly blessed and grateful for the staff and doctors at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Southfield, I mean it. Today, my dog Truth was attacked horribly by two dogs. I called Truth’s primary vet and was advised to go to BluePearl Pet Hospital in Southfield for emergency care. I called BluePearl while panicking and was told, “Yes, we can take him. Please get here safe.” As soon as I pulled in, he was automatically taken to triage.

The staff was BEYOND super helpful, friendly, loving, caring – everything. After Truth was assessed, I was given an estimate. I was distraught because I didn’t have enough money off-hand to cover the costs. The doctor spoke with her supervisor and advised me they would work with me to figure out the expense. I instantly cried tears of relief. I thanked the staff a thousand times and I’ll probably be thanking them a lot more over the next few days.

I am blessed – Truth has been given EVERY test he needs, cleaned up and nurtured back to health. It will be a long recovery, but I’m thankful he did not have to be put down and was able to get the care he needed.

I highly recommend BluePearl. I probably called over eight times and the staff did not get tired of me and provided me with an update every chance they could. They were beyond polite and very helpful. I am literally so blessed for all the staff today.