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BluePearl Veterinary Partners is a national provider of specialty and emergency veterinary care. Our network of pet hospitals offer advanced specialty services and compassionate care. Most are open 24-7 to treat your most critical emergencies.

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A Board-Certified Surgeon Makes All the Difference - My 12-year-old golden girl, Brandy, had been swimming and playing on the pool deck when she suddenly couldn’t put any weight on her left rear
A Care Plan for Claire - I took my dog Claire into BluePearl after my family vet believed she needed a blood transfusion. I was really scared I was going to

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5 Common Signs of Dog Illness - Your dog has held onto certain instincts for thousands of years, including the instinct to hide any sign of illness. Showing weakness in the wild
A Different Kind of Service Dog - By Brenda Fulcher ICU Technician BluePearl Veterinary Partners – Tampa Kayla was a mixed breed puppy about three months old when I first saw her.
A Flock of Feathered Friends - By Linda Johnson Transcriber, Radiology Service BluePearl Veterinary Partners – Florida Have you ever had the idea to release birds as part of a ceremony? 
A portrait of “our baby” - We were delighted to see this watercolor portrait of Mick, a 12-year-old rat terrier who gets ongoing care at a BluePearl-affiliated hospital in San Antonio,
ACL Surgery for Dogs - Damage to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee is a well-known source of disabling injury among humans. It can strike elite athletes or