As protectors of pets and defenders against disease, BluePearl’s veterinary technicians are essential superheroes who save the day in pet hospitals across the country. As part of National Veterinary Technician Week, we’re celebrating our veterinary technicians’ unique superpowers that stem from their unparalleled dedication to pet care. Wearing scrubs adorned with dog hair rather than a flowing cape, a veterinary technician proudly practices these seven superpowers during every shift.


A tech hugs a black dog on a table.Veterinary technicians are drawn to their profession by their natural love and appreciation for animals. They take pride in their critical role of delivering lifesaving care every day. Saving your pet’s life and achieving the best medical outcome isn’t just their professional responsibility – it’s their personal mission.


It takes great physical and mental flexibility to be a veterinary technician. From gently cradling a newborn kitten to physically supporting a great Dane during treatment, their balance of strength and restraint is key in keeping pets comfortable and providing care with precision and excellence.


A smiling blond vet technician holds a little kitten.Our veterinary technicians are ambassadors of the human-animal bond. They treat your pets just like they would their own – with the highest level of compassion, dignity and loving care. Through every step of the care process, they remain laser-focused on your pet’s comfort and quality of life.


Pets can’t speak for themselves. Thankfully, veterinary technicians have the ability to truly hear pets in their time of need.  Veterinary technicians are always watching a pet’s eyes and body language to understand what they are feeling, and to evaluate how to make them feel better in that moment.


Working in specialty and emergency hospitals across the country, BluePearl veterinary technicians embrace diversity in patients, medical treatments and daily responsibilities. Each shift is packed with a unique array of duties, and these expert multitaskers are always up for the challenge.


Veterinary technicians are puzzle masters and problem solvers. They know life-changing care for pets is almost never a one-size-fits-all solution and each individual treatment plan is unique. Providing exceptional care for pets of all shapes and sizes, a veterinary technician does whatever it takes to fulfill the needs of each pet’s specific condition.

Stamina Superheroes

A smiling tech prepares a vaccine from numerous glass bottles on a table.Always driven by passion and often fueled by caffeine, veterinary technicians keep going and never stop. Many of BluePearl’s hospitals are open 24 hours, 365 days a week, rain or shine – and our technicians remain motivated and dedicated to providing remarkable care when pets and communities need them the most.

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