What Is a Clinical Study?

Clinical studies test new treatments, drugs or diagnostics to determine if they are safe, effective and better than the current standard treatment.

Participating in a clinical study is voluntary. No patient ever participates in a clinical study without the owner’s express, written permission.

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BluePearl Science
Our goals are to provide the highest standard of care to patients and to contribute knowledge and expertise to the veterinary community. To this end, BluePearl Science, a division of BluePearl, coordinates clinical studies that investigate the potential effectiveness of new drugs, treatments and protocols intended to improve pet health. These clinical studies offer local veterinarians and their patients access to treatments that are not yet commercially available.

Clinical Studies at BluePearl Hospitals
Clinical studies at our hospitals are often sponsored by pharmaceutical and technology companies. Prior to approval of any clinical study, we require the following:

  • The study procedure, technology or drug being tested has a good chance of success.
  • The families of the patients are fully aware of the study’s objectives, any potential risks resulting from the study, the names and contact information for the investigators and other pertinent details.
  • The families of the patients have signed a written consent form for their pet to participate in the study. No pet is allowed to participate in a clinical study without the written consent of the pet’s owner.

By helping identify new and improved treatments, we can improve the quality and length of our pets’ lives.


For more information about BluePearl Science, contact:

Teresa Lightfoot, DVM, DABVP-Avian – Director
 (813) 549-5967

Brenda Fulcher, CVT – Clinical Studies Manager
(813) 933-8944