Veterinary Nutrition

Proper nutrition is just as important for your pet’s good health as it is for yours. Our board-certified nutrition specialist, Dr. Susan Wynn, practices out of our BluePearl hospital in Sandy Springs, Ga. Dr. Wynn offers nutritional counseling and develops feeding plans customized for individual needs, which can play a vital role in supporting your pet’s health and recovery.

Among the services offered:
  • Formulating balanced homemade diets for well and ill pets
  • Parenteral nutrition plans for hospitalized pets
  • In-depth counseling on food and nutrition issues, including raw diets
  • Advice on nutritional supplements: nutraceuticals and herbs
  • Providing nutrition support for ongoing medical and surgical patient issues: Obesity, kidney and liver disease, bladder stones, pancreatitis, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, food allergy, anorexia, weight loss and other problems
  • Designing feeding programs for multi-pet households
  • Education programs for pet owners and veterinarians
  • Detailed analysis of owner supplement choices for overdoses, imbalances and deficiencies
  • Investigating and implementing current nutrition research information into hospital protocols

Those interested in consulting with Dr. Wynn are encouraged to fill out a nutrition history form.