Blessed With Canine Companionship

For the better part of our married life, my wife and I have had been fortunate to be blessed with the companionship of a A white Westie lays at the top of the stairs with a toy dog.Westie. We have never taken this responsibility lightly, so when it came time to say goodbye, the pain ran deep.

When Goodbye Is Inevitable

Several days ago Scooter, our Westie of 17+ years, had a major debilitating seizure. It was late at night and we knew that the inevitable time had arrived. This didn’t make the decision any easier, but the compassion and understanding of the people at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Eden Prairie helped make this difficult process less stressful.

You All Touched Our Hearts

Today, when I opened our mail, there was a letter of sympathy signed by the staff. As I compose this with tears running down my cheeks, I can’t thank them enough for their help. The void left by Scooter’s passing will not be an easy one to fill. Thank you to each and every one one of you. Never think for one minute that your efforts have not touched our hearts.