Our ophthalmology visits.

I have brought my English Labrador, Kramer, to BluePearl in Midvale, Utah for two years now. He has diabetes and has slowly lost his vision while cataracts developed. Dr. Disney is Kramer’s ophthalmologist and has always been a pleasure to visit. I give her all the credit for the great care she has given him and for the quality of life Kramer has today, even though he is still suffering from cataracts.

Exploring surgery.

During the course of these two years, I have also seen Dr. Campbell, an anesthesiologist and critical care specialist, about whether Kramer would be a candidate for eye surgery to remove the cataracts. She was very helpful in explaining the procedure and let me know that she would monitor Kramer’s heart issues through surgery. I elected not to have the surgery, as I saw other risks involved and was generally happy with Kramer’s quality of life.

Dental trouble.

This past spring, Kramer was seen by my primary vet and it was determined he had abscessed teeth that needed attention. Dr. Alterman, BluePearl’s board-certified dentist and oral surgeon, was recommend and after speaking to her, I knew this needed to be done to allow Kramer to continue to eat and maintain his current lifestyle. Between the relationships I had built with Dr. Disney and Dr. Campbell, I was able to have Kramer quickly brought in for surgery. I was so happy to know that true professionals were with Kramer every step of the way through this surgery.

Kramer will be 13 in October 2020, and I’m certain that if it were not for these three strong women – Dr. Disney, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Alterman – I would not be able to enjoy Kramer today. Thank you to the entire BluePearl Midvale staff for everything!!